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I'm really glad I found KGH during the pandemic

I just wanted to say thank you for the online KGH course materials that got me through my first pregnancy. Since my entire pregnancy and birth has been dominated by the pandemic, I wanted to share my story. 

I discovered I was pregnant in January 2020 after trying for 2 years and was elated but then hit with anxiety, particularly about tearing, episiotomy and the cord being wrapped around her neck. I was dead against epidural too.  

Having heard about hypnobirthing from Kate Middleton and friends, I felt I needed something to improve my mental health, especially going into lockdown in March and feeling isolated. So I'm really glad I found KGH during the pandemic as I was not seeing my midwife in person or my friends and family, so Katharine became the only consistent health figure during the pandemic and like an Auntie to me. 

My birth was the best I could hope for. I started having surges at 2. 30am on my baby's due date, so after 2 paracetamol and a hot water bottle, I used visualisations and breathing to get through to 7am when I woke my partner. I had a bath and called maternity ward as surges were every 5 - 10 minutes. I had one during the call and the midwife said I was not very advanced and told me to walk, have a longer bath and call back later. Just as Katharine had warned me! 

I called 30 minutes later and told them I was coming in as I knew I was ready. I arrived at the midwife led unit on 16th September at 9.30am and after a quick examination the midwife who told me to wait a bit longer announced that I was 9cm and should get in the pool! I was astonished I had made it to 9cm with just 2 paracetamol and KGHypnobirthing techniques. 

I only used gas and air and my baby was born at 11.50am, less than 10 hours after surges started. 

I did require a small episiotomy as baby couldn't get through at the end but I didn't even notice it and the cord was wrapped about baby's neck, but having learnt from Katharine this wasn't something to be scared by I was calm. I actually enjoyed the empowering feeling of labour!  

I now have a beautiful, happy and healthy baby girl and I still use the KG techniques for breathing, relaxing and getting through life's roller-coaster with a baby in a pandemic!

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