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Liz, Jim and Alfies perfect birth

Alfred Tom
Just wanted to say a huge Thank you for all that you have done for us and your contribution to the perfect birth of our son!

After I spoke to you on the phone, I kept slipping in and out of labour – seemed to have surges at night and then they would go – goodness knows how many balloons I filled!

I went to the hospital for a check and they sent me to Bath as they thought my waters had gone 4 days before. We sat there, listening to them talk of inducing me and how I was putting my baby’s health at risk. We looked around the delivery room and I thought ‘no way, Alfred is not going to be born here’. I walked out, after explaining that if I was coming back it would be at 7.

I rang Liz and she was great, explaining that I didn’t have to do anything and that maybe I should pray. I got in the van and spoke to my homeopath who told me what remedies to take 15 minutes apart. Weirdly my mum was in Bath so we picked her up. I started getting much stronger surges in the van so we all went home and had spaghetti bolognaise – amazing!

At home I was hanging and swaying on the mantelpiece, making lovely tribal, primal noises! Jim said maybe we should go so we decided to go to Paulton. At this stage I thought they were going to send me home as I might not be far enough along! The midwife was funny as she examined me and said – ‘you are 8 cms dilated!’. Within 2 hours of being in the hospital Alfie was born! It was the most beautiful experience, so natural, no drugs. I think after 3 days Jim was bored of the massage! I didn’t need stitches either so was delighted – perineal massage is amazing! Alfie and I had to stay in under observation due to the waters but we left the next day.

I just want to say that our dream would never have been possible without all your amazing advice! We did the CD every night and the book dispelled most of my fears. It was obvious though that in those first few days i was holding on to something. Strangely 4 months ago I predicted that Alfie would be born on 8th January and could see a 7. I thought it was 7 hours labour but he was born at 19.00 on the 8th.

Isn’t it mental when you visualise something!

He is settling in and enjoying being with us. Here he is 1 hour after he was born!

Lots of love to you

Liz, Jim and Alfred xx

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