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One of the delights of teaching Hypnobirthing is receiving so many lovely birth stories.  

We hope you enjoy reading these stories, from both Mothers, Fathers, and Midwives.  Do feel free to send in your own stories - even if you don't want them on the web site we'd still love to hear from you.

We Have Benefited Hugely

I just wanted to say Mathias and I really enjoyed your course and we have hugely benefited from it so wanted to express our thanks. You really changed our perception of the whole process and we now have a clear idea of how we want the birth of our son to be and also how best to manage the hospital side of things. The hypno-birthing techniques were ...

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I Feel So Lucky

Just to let you know about my very special hypnobirth on Tuesday. I was lucky enough to be looked after by Jane Ingleby, my hypnobirth partner and teacher. I had a wonderful gentle labour. Only needed 1 surge every 9 minutes to get myself to fully open. The breathing was amazing. Listened to my music on earphones and just drifted off. Something ...

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We Felt in Control of our Labour

Firstly, apologies that this email has taken seven and a half months to get round to writing! My partner Anthony and I did your hypnobirthing course last New Year, and our wonderful son was born on 1st March. He was born at home in a birthing pool after a calm, steady, *drug free* labour. We can't thank you enough for equipping us with the tools to...

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Strong and Positive Inspiration

My husband and I attended one of your courses in Feb 2011, and later went on to experience the most amazing and calm birth of our daughter in June 2011. It was everything we had hoped for,peaceful, quiet, a really wonderful, amazing but also humbling experience. So first a long overdue 'thankyou' for your valuable training and for being the strong,...

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A deeper connection with the whole process

The workshop you have created is so much more than just a mental shift. It is a moving, from a vague understanding of what is means for a woman to journey through pregnancy, with all the accompanying joys, fears and options available, to a deeper connection with the whole process. From the body's natural intelligence to the medical professions ...

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Overwhelming and Wonderful

I can't remember now if I emailed you since Geoff and I attended your wonderful hypnobirthing course. We had a beautiful baby boy called Huxley. He was born at home in a water pool. I didn't have any medications etc. Just used your hypnobirthing techniques. I listened to your CD most days for the two months before Huxley was born. I found it very ...

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