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Hypnobirthing Chosen By Older Mum

From an article in the March edition of Top Sante:

Emma Roch decided that 40 is the right age to become a mum

‘The day i discovered that I was pregnant, I felt overjoyed and relieved in equal measure.  I had always wanted a husband and family, but in my 20s and 30s I was also working hard to establish my career. When Tony and I fell in love in 2005, I told him straight away that I’d like to have children.  We married in 2009, and I was told by my doctor that my chances of falling pregnant naturally were slim, as fertility declines sharply from 35. We decided to optimise our chancees: changing our lifestyles and giving up drinking and smoking, eating healthily and keeping a united, positive approach – despite the tick-tock of my biological clock.

Hypnobirthing for older mums

‘It took 19 months for us to conceive, and I’m now 8 months’ pregnant.  I feel tired, and I’m sure I’ve put on more weight than I would have at 20, but I don’t think feeling heavy or suffering from indigestion is unusual at any age.  I worry about being 60 when my child finishes college, but there are lots of practical advantages to being older, as my career is more established and I can afford to take a sabbatical.

‘However, it has shocked me how negative the medical profession is about older mothers. Doctors tend to look at statistics, not the individual in from of them. Of course there are risks, but at every scan I’ve been told that my baby and I are in great health. It’s why I’ve chosen hypnobirthing, which teaches visualisation to help women achieve a drug free birth. I have no regrets I didn’t get pregnant earlier. Tony will be a great dad, and I can’t wait to be a mum.’

Katharine Graves teaches both parents new hypnobirthing practiioners in her popular teacher training course.  To view more dertails about parents courses please visit our London Hypnobirthing page. 

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