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Why I Chose Hypnobirthing as a Career

The quick explanation is that I didn’t. Hypnobirthing found me. Like so many good things in life, it appears to have happened as a result of a series of coincidences.

Being a hypnobirthing teacher is supremely satisfying . To be invited into someone’s life at such a special time as pregnancy knowing that you are going to make the experience even better is a privilege indeed.

Simplicity and Logic

When I first trained as a hypnobirthing teacher I was blown away at the simplicity, logic and power of the concept but I had no idea how, in 12 years, hypnobirthing would take over my life and KG Hypnobirthing would be the biggest hypnobirthing organisation in the country.

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The first course I taught was a private course for a couple in their own home. When they sent me the report a few weeks later of their wonderful and easy birth, I literally danced around the room with delight. That first story gave me confidence, but the happiness and delight of receiving an email from a woman who describes her birth as the most wonderful and inspiring experience of her life is just as exciting now 12 years later.

People who are not in the hypnobirthing world underestimate the effectiveness and significance of the system. The ‘hypno’ word does us no service, but the name is now known by hospitals and pregnant women throughout the country. Hypnobirthing is simple, logical and profound. Many things that women are told to do in pregnancy and birth are based on very little research and are open to question. We in KG Hypnobirthing believe that couples are entitled to a logical explanation of how a woman’s body works and so can see why the suggestions we make in a hypnobirthing class would make a difference.

When I first started to teach hypnobirthing, I received some wonderful reports, but a few were not so positive. I read the ones very carefully where the birth had not been quite as the woman hoped and learnt from them. Over the years adjustments have been made to the KG Hypnobirthing course, and I am confident now that it works well for all stages of labour. But sometimes one of these reports told me that the hypnobirthing course had given the woman all the information and techniques she needed but somebody had persuaded her to do something different after the course.

The obstetric units in big NHS hospitals are busy places. The people who work in them are kind and caring, and they would not have gone into the profession otherwise, but sometimes they simply don’t have the time to spend the time that they would like explaining procedures or alternatives to a woman. In KG Hypnobirthing not only do we give a woman the tools to have the best birth for her, but we also fully explain how the system works and what the alternatives are so that she is fully informed and can make the best choices for her.

When I am teaching hypnobirthing to couples I am very aware that I am speaking to two separate audiences. The mothers will have been googling since the moment they knew they were pregnant. They will be well informed and understand the terminology. The fathers will quite likely not have been doing any of this, and one of the things men always say when you ask them what they want to get out of a hypnobirthing class is that they want knowledge and information. The fathers often arrive very sceptical and really don’t want to be there. They leave enthusiastic about hypnobirthing and its staunchest advocates.

If you would like to know more about hypnobirthing, the best way to find out is to read the testimonials by clicking here. To find out about it through the words of mothers, fathers and midwives who have experienced it is the very best way to fully understand.

These days I spend more time training teachers than teaching couples. This came about simply because people asked me to train them. Most of the time I work with an experienced midwife to deliver our specialist hospital course as an in-house training in hospitals. We feel that, combining the knowledge and experience of the first and largest UK hypnobirthing organisation with that of a senior midwife is the very best combination. The midwifery world is changing and developing all the time and our course changes and develops with it. We have been told that our course is of degree standard, and we are now training obstetricians as well as midwives which is an important step forward.

I may have gone into hypnobirthing by coincidence, but I know very well why I now devote my whole life to teaching and developing KG Hypnobirthing. Hypnobirthing is a revolution. It is a grass roots revolution, brought about by women. Originally a few brave women did this unknown course with the odd name, and when they found that it worked and birth became a gentle and natural experience for them they told their friends. News about hypnobirthing spread, and then midwives saw the difference it made to the women in their care. The comment of a midwife after being present at her first hypnobirthing birth is usually, ‘I couldn’t believe how calm she was.’ Midwives want to do the best for women, so they started to suggest hypnobirthing to other women, and so it grew. Now news has reached obstetricians too.

People who have not trained in hypnobirthing do not really understand its power and significance. I have the privilege to teach it, and I know that it is supremely important. Knowledge of hypnobirthing has swept through the NHS in ten years, which is a very short time for a large bureaucracy to move and it is changing practice to the benefit of women and their babies.

Studying in Hypnobirthing

If you choose to study KG Hypnobirthing we give you more than just the training course. The course itself is made up of three modules:

  • Hypnotherapy for Hypnobirthing (web based learning).
  • KG Hypnobirthing Workshop (3 days). The complete hypnobirthing course, together with all the background about why it works and how to apply it in the birth environment.
  • Birthing Foundation which covers the anatomy, physiology and midwifery aspects of birth.

The Birthing Foundation and Hypnotherapy for Hypnobirthing module must be completed and assessed before attending the KG Hypnobirthing Workshop.

However it takes more than just this course to be a successful Hypnobirthing teacher. We show our teachers how to run a business, and market themselves to parents to be. We will provide you with all the course materials needed including the bestselling Hypnobirthing book. When qualified, you will be enrolled on our teachers’ listing which helps you attract business in your own area. We share with our teachers the very latest information on how to run and teach hypnobirthing courses, news and updates from the birthing world. We run study days with people that will help you learn and understand more, Michel Odent, myself, and others with Hypnobirthing experience to help you always grow and develop. As well as the website we send occasional emails when events are coming up, and share information via our teachers-only Facebook group.
We give you the best possible support as you launch into the world of Hypnobirthing. I hope very much that you will choose to join us.

If you are interested in becoming a KG Hypnobirthing Teacher we have a number of upcoming courses around the UK, please click here for more details.  Or if you simply want to have a chat and find out more about these courses please call 01264 535 002 or email us through our contact form.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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