Hypnobirthing Statistics

Having a large scale and comprehensive study into the effectiveness of hypnobirthing is still a huge priority for understanding how we can best care for pregnant women.  There are several smaller scale studies and we undertook a survey for our own research.  The results of these are shown below.

KGHypnobirthing Survey Results

The research – carried out independently for us in conjunction with The Institute of Mums – surveyed almost 700 women.  We looked at women who had studied a full KGH course with Katharine Graves compared to a control group who had not studied hypnobirthing.

  1. Birth experience:  When comparing the overall birth experience, 69% of KGH mums rated their birth experience as ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ positive vs. only 44% of non-hypnobirthing mums.  76% of KGH mums reflected on their birth as ‘extremely’ or ‘quite’ calm, compared to 46% of non-hypnobirthing mums. Twice as many KGH mums specifically stated that their child’s birth was ‘extremely calm’.  KGH mums also needed lower levels of pain relief.
  2. Caesarean section: Most notable from the results were the differing levels of intrusive medical intervention, with mums who had experienced the KG Hypnobirthing programme almost 50% less likely to require a caesarean section.
  3. Mental health:  Focusing on stress, anxiety and mental health, the study highlighted how non-hypnobirthing mums were over 73% more likely to have experienced mental health issues compared to KGH mums.

Hypnobirthing Studies

  1. Reduction in pain: This study found that women who gave birth via hypnobirthing had less birth pain and fear compared to the participants in the control group. All of the women who applied hypnobirthing stated that the hypnobirthing method reduced pain.  Read the study here.
  2. Shorter labour & reduced intervention rates:  The hypnobirthing group rates of birth intervention were significantly lower and their deliveries period were shorter, than those that of the routine control group.  Birth satisfaction was also shown to be higher.  Read the study here.  
  3. Reduction in anxiety:  Pregnant mothers who studied hypnobirthing had anxiety level as
    low at a statistically significant lower level than pregnant mothers who did not study hypnobirthing. Read the study here. 
  4. KGHypnobirthing hospital results:  The statistics show a dramatic increase in a positive outcome for childbirth in the Hospitals that use KG Hypnobirthing as a core method for training both their Midwives and couples birthing at their hospital.  Read the results here.

It is important to note that not all studies have found positive effects of hypnobirthing.  We do occasionally here people saying that hypnobirthing did not work for them.  When you find out more about their experience, a common denominator is the length of their course and their daily practise routine.  We cannot stress how important it is to do a full length KGH course and not to cut corners.  This area is vital to get right to ensure you enjoy all the benefits hypnobirthing can offer.  A 5 hour course and no further practise is not the same as a full 12 hour course and your 15 minutes of daily practise.

We would be very happy to partner any researcher who is interested at looking into this in more detail, please do contact us.  




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