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KG Hypnobirthing Hospital Training

Hospital Results

Hospital A

Births per year:  4,700

Hypnobirthing Course Date:  October 2013

Hypnobirthing Results: March – June 2014

  • 66% of the 35 women who delivered and attended the 4 week course had a spontaneous vaginal delivery
  • 82% of the 35 women used only Hypnobirthing techniques, attendant support, hydrotherapy and/or entonox
  • 96% of the women who had SVD’s had a first stage of labour of <6hours
  • 68% of the women had skin to skin at delivery and 71% were discharged home breastfeeding
  • There were 3 homebirths and 63% of the 35 who have delivered duration in hospital was 24hrs or less
  • 77% of the 35 babies delivered had an apgar score of 9 or above at 1 and 5minutes

203 couples have booked on the course since March until December 2014

Hospital B

Births per year:  3,600

Hypnobirthing Course Dates:  November 2013

Hypnobirthing Results: August 2011-April 2012

  • 59% of women needed NO pain relief in labour after using Hypnosis
  • 79% of women experienced a natural birth
  • 55% of women experienced a labour of 6 hours or less
  • 90% of women experienced a vaginal birth
  • 64% of women had no analgesia during their child birth

Staff Feedback
The staff responses after training were varied but all were extremely positive, stating:

  • ‘I feel so inspired can’t sleep’
  • ‘Overwhelming’,
  • ‘Can’t wait to implement for the parents’
  • ‘Feel my whole midwifery career has been restarted’
  • ‘Prior to this was biding my time to retirement’
  • ‘So enlightened and enthusiastic’

Birthing Outcomes with KG Hypnobirthing:

  • Women are more likely to experience a natural birth with minimal medical intervention
  • They may need minimal or no pain relief at all
  • It often shortens the length of labour
  • Hypnobirthing helps establish breastfeeding as a calm and drug-free mother produces more oxytocin after birth
  • Often requires a shorter hospital stay
  • Baby is likely to have a higher apgar score

Conclusion: The statistics above prove a dramatic increase in a positive outcome for childbirth in the Hospitals that use KG Hypnobirthing as a core method for training both their Midwives and couples birthing at their hospital. 

Midwives reported increased passion and enthusiasm for their career and this had a positive effect filtering down through the labour ward.


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