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Deliciously Ella Podcast: Changing the birth narrative

Earlier this year it was great to train Ella and Matt Mills, from Deliciously Ella, at their home.

They welcomed their beautiful baby girl Skye, at home in a birthing pool in July, with Ella saying she had never felt so powerful.

She has just released her latest podcast “Changing the birth narrative” and it is essential listening.

I am grateful that someone with the influence and following of Ella has talked about her daughter’s birth so publicly, helping to raise the profile of positive birth, KGHypnobirthing and female empowerment. If you would like to know the practicalities of how to achieve this, go to our KGHypnobirthing Parent Course, our Teacher Directory or our Online Course.

deliciously ella KG HypnobirthingAs a KGH teacher, I want to share my knowledge with mothers in order to guide them to towards the inspiring birth experience they deserve.

By training as many people as possible on our KGH teacher training courses to become hypnobirthing teachers themselves, we can support more and more women.  We know the positive effects hypnobirthing can have on mothers before, during and after birth, but what about the baby?  They are often reported to be serene, calm and alert and I truly believe the positive effects a hypnobirth has on them are lifelong.

The more we talk about how birth can be empowering, the more it will become the norm for birth. Thank you to Ella for helping to spread the word far and wide.

It’s not a question of mind over matter. It’s a system of mind with matter. Listen to the podcast here:


Deliciously Ella Podcast:  Changing the birth narrative

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