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Teaching Sky News Presenter Sarah-Jane Mee

Having to self-isolate during the current COVID-19 pandemic, I have had to completely change the way I am teaching KGHypnobirthing to my parents. Prior to the lockdown annoucement, I had arranged to teach Sky News presenter Sarah-Jane Mee and her partner Ben Richardson at their home, but rather than cancel, we decided to do this virtually on our laptops! 

Sarah-Jane and Ben appear in this week’s Hello magazineSarah Jane talking about how she is coping with being pregnant during the coronavirus situation. Their baby is due this summer and having completed her KGH course, she is now planning a home birth. She says ‘”I have an amazing midwife and I’ve been using this incredible hypnobirthing teacher called Katharine Graves, and they have been getting my head together.” With some hospitals cancelling their home birth teams and some hospitals not allowing partners to be at the birth, the anxiety levels of pregnant parents might be at an all time high. However, I was delighted with how calm and positive Sarah-Jane has remained over the last few weeks and getting herself prepared for the birth of their child. 

Sarah-Jane also spoke about her pregnancy and the benefits of KGHypnobirthing in the Made for Mummas podcast and I am delighted that she is remaining so relaxed and in control, when, given the situation she is in, she and many mums to be could be finding this extremely hard at the moment. It is certainly challenging for us all, but with the added worry on pregnant mothers at this time, I want to support as many of you as possible.

KGH have added a new COVID-19 specific module with new relaxations to help at this time. This is now part of the online course.

I have also been running my face to face Parents’ Classes virtually from home on Zoom and I would love to have more of you join me. They are run in small groups, over 4 evenings in one week and I am sure you will love it. It of course includes the new content I have created, to help you through the coronavirus situation. More information can be found here

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