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Victoria, Kitty and Chris

From the day we commenced our hypnobirthing course my attitude towards the birth of my child changed dramatically. An event that I was secretly dreading turned into something that I was really looking forward to. My partner was extremely supportive and towards the end of our pregnancy we were practicing at least one of the relaxation exercises ...

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It was a wonderful experience

Dear Katharine, I am Padma from India, residing in the UK. I attended your Hypnobirthing class last August at St. Thomas London. Me and my husband Jay are elated to announce the arrival of our little son Yajur on 29th Nov. His arrival was 100% natural with no medical intervention nor any form of pain relief (in medical terms). My early phase of ...

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I felt in safe hands

Thank you for all the suggestions and guidance I received on your course. First time round I had a new bathroom fitted instead of an independent midwife - assuming the NHS would be fine - and it WAS alright except for the breastfeeding and the arrival of two strangers at my home birth unannounced. The first three months were tough and nothing how...

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Liz, Jim and Alfies perfect birth

Katharine, Just wanted to say a huge Thank you for all that you have done for us and your contribution to the perfect birth of our son!After I spoke to you on the phone, I kept slipping in and out of labour - seemed to have surges at night and then they would go - goodness knows how many balloons I filled! I went to the hospital for a check ...

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Baby Gil

At last, and it feels as though your babies may all be teenagers by now, I am delighted to report the safe arrival of our baby boy, Gil. He arrived last Monday (St Patrick's Day) 14 days from his due date having been jigged into action. I had just the first pessary and then he raced into the world with a surprisingly quick labour. The 2nd stage was...

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Sally Anderson

Dear Katharine, I attended your hypno birthing class almost 6 years ago in preparation for the birth of our first son. Since then I have welcomed two more little boys into the world, with my youngest born just 10 days ago. I wanted to thank you so much for your class and the knowledge you passed on all those years ago. Each of my boys was able to...

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Cindy and Chris

Hi Katharine, Chris and I wanted to say thank you for taking us on the journey toward a birth experience we can share with a smile. We had our baby girl 6 days ago ... an unplanned homebirth because I hadn't realised how far I'd progressed because I was coping so well. So calm an experience it had been, that our baby girl was actually born with ...

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