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Daily Mail Article Helping to Change Perceptions of Birth

A fascinating article about one women’s experience of an orgasmic child birth. This is not a new phenomenon but is all too often dismissed and derided, as can be seen by the comments on the article. Quoted by the Daily Mail, Katharine gives further detail:

daily mail s‘The hormone oxytocin has been described as the hormone of calm and of love. We produce it as we fall in love and make love and the biggest production of it is while giving birth.’

‘But the main thing that gets in the way is fear. Society believes birth is painful and traumatic and you can’t have produce adrenaline and oxytocin at the same time.’

Hypnobirthing, which teaches self-hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques to reduce fear and improve confidence during labour, is becoming more popular.

And Katharine predicts it may well lead to an increase in the number of orgasmic birth experiences.  For instance, one of her midwives recently assisted a couple during an orgasmic birth.

‘It was a home birth and they wanted low light and soft music throughout,’ she says. ‘Both of them were in bed and the partner was doing nipple and clitoral stimulation.  The midwife was only allowed in once an hour to check the baby’s heartbeat. She virtually had to crawl in to attach the heart monitor so as not to disturb them.  I believe it all worked out the way they wanted it to.’

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