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KG Hypnobirthing in the Headlines – Thanks Paula Lane!

OK! is featuring the lovely actress Paula Lane and her growing family in their latest magazine.  Paula and her husband Tom talk candidly about the recent birth of their daughter Penny and how KG Hypnobirthing made all the difference.

Katharine Graves; “I had the pleasure of teaching KG Hypnobirthing to Paula and her husband Tom Shaw in recent months.  After a traumatic first birth with Arthur they had decided to go to hospital for their second birth.  The course, which is a complete in-depth antenatal course, gave them all the knowledge and confidence they needed.  They practised regularly, opted for a home birth which research shows is usually the safest option, and the results speak for themselves.”

In Paula’s own words; ”A completely natural water birth.  What an experience.  I cannot thank you enough!”

paula lane ok magazine hypnobirthingMore details are shared in OK! magazine:

Paula had originally planned to give birth in hospital as, following Arthur’s arrival at home, she needed urgent hospital treatment after losing a substantial amount of blood. But she started to change her mind when she met hypnobirthing expert Katharine Graves.

Did you not worry that something traumatic could happen like it did with Arthur?

Paula: We did discuss that situation happening, but I just trusted my body. I felt in such a different head space this time.

You wanted to try hypnobirthing last time but couldn’t manage it. What was different this time around?

Paula: I did a lot of practice beforehand. Katharine, who came to teach me, was fabulous. She said when you see an athlete run 100m, you have to think about how much preparation has gone into that race. It’s the same with giving birth, although it was enjoyable.

Tom: It’s the same when you’re an actor – you have to do lots of preparation before you actually perfom.

Can you describe how you were feeling at that moment?

Tom: I didn’t cry. Neither of us did. It was such a relaxed and calm birth. There was no explosion of emotion. It was more about making sure Paula was alright this time – and then about draining the pool!

What music did you have playing?

Paula: We didn’t, we had affirmations playing on my phone. It was Katharine Graves talking about colour and calmness. I did wonder what the midwives might think, but they told me they were all falling asleep and said it was very relaxing.

Do you think hypnobirthing will have any long-term effects on you?

Paula: It’s like life coaching as well. It’s changed my way of thinking in a lot of ways. Just things such as recognising when you’re being cynical and negative and how to get out of that.

Thank you to OK! Magazine for this recent article.

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