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Why are naysayers shaming Harry Kane for being proud of his partner Katie’s hypnobirth?

Harry Kane just shared a joyous moment with the world after the birth of his daughter.   The twitter storm that followed has been both shocking and upsetting.

It has put hypnobirthing at the centre of this storm, with detractors misinterpreting what it is, and how it helps women.

It also puts women and their birth experience at the centre of this storm.  This chatter can have some far reaching knock-on effects that can be very negative to a women’s birth experience.

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Julia Hartley-Brewer, a high profile broadcaster and columist shared her view:

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Julia Hartley-Brewer is absolutely right.  For most women, giving birth is the most painful experience of their lives.  They find it almost impossible to understand that birth does not have to be like that.  

Hypnobirthing and the ‘pain’ debate

Every birth is unique, the spectrum is huge and we have a large number of birth stories that demonstrate this. They range from pain free (yes pain free!) to unplanned hypnobirthing c-sections.   At every point on this spectrum, Hypnobirthing supports women to enjoy the best birth for them. 

Listen to one mum share her hypnobirth story, saying “I wouldn’t say it was easy, but it was quite close to it”:

What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is NOT, as reported in The Sun;  “a technique where the woman refuses to have painkillers and instead uses visualisation relaxation and breathing techniques.”  

Women often ask before they come to a hypnobirthing course “If I do hypnobirthing, am I allowed drugs?”  The answer is, “Of course you are, but you are likely to find that you do not need them.

Hypnobirthing classes are an indepth antenatal education where you learn what your alternatives are, the implications of your choices, so you can make the best choice for you.  Couples who are well informed, can work together with their care givers to achieve the best possible birth experience for them and their babies.   

It is not just about reading a book and listening to the MP3 tracks. Yes, you will learn essential techniques to use at your birth.  But it is also a lifestyle change, developing a positive mindset and a deep, knowing confidence in your own body’s ability to give birth based on evidence and logic.

Evidence and Logic

Science has shown us that the female body is capable of allowing this to happen (little to no pain) by the release of hormones; oxcytin that makes labour efficient, and endorphins that can make it comfortable.   It is said that endorphins have pain killing properties stronger than opiate drugs.

Women who have a positive, calm and drug free birth aren’t lucky, nor are they smug or better than any other birthing women.  In fact they are often diffident or reluctant to tell of their experience in case they are not believed or even accused of gloating.  Which is exactly what we are witnessing now with this twitter storm.  

Hypnobirthing women, take responsibility for being well informed and immersing themselves not just in the hypnobirthing course, but also in the daily practicing which becomes as much a habit as brushing your teeth.  A top sportman, like Harry Keen, will understand that performance on the day depends on practice beforehand.

Women who take a Hypnobirthing course have taken responsibilty for their birth experience, they understand their rights, use their BRAINS and have worked hard to get the birth they set out to achieve

Harry rightly responded to some of the backlash:

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Every woman should be proud, no matter how their birth turns out, and this is what Hypnobirthing empowers them to experience.  Every women who gives birth by whatever means has produced a miracle.  


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