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A Well Lived Life: Amazing 67 Hour HypnoBirth Story

Hello everyone,

For this post I have found a nice HypnoBirthing story posted by Carol Yeh-Garner from San Diego in the US, on her "Well Lived Life" blog. Please read and enjoy this post - yet another great story about HypnoBirthing.

Of course I particularly liked the bit at the end where the mother said:

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From a first time HypnoBirthing Mum

embracing ennui: "To Those Medical Personnel Who Will Be Attending My Labor and Delivery:
I'm a first-time, hypnobirthing mom, and I'd appreciate any consideration and thoughtfulness in working with me and with this birth plan. I understand that I am nowhere as experienced and knowledgeable as the hospital’s nursing staff when it comes to labor and delivery, but there are a few things which I would like to work for in my own personal labor and delivery experience."

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Hello my little boy

A really nice story which talks about Independent Midwives and HypnoBirthing:

Hello my little boy: "The other thing I invested in was going on a Hypnobirthing course. I am so glad I did this as well because the techniques and tips we learned there helped make my labour a chilled out and manageable one.

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A week in the snow!

This is just to say that I'm away for a ski - the first time in years and I'm so looking forward to it. I'll be back on the 14th of January ready for the next HypnoBirthing Courses, which start:

  • In Teddington on January 19th.
  • At the Triyoga Centre in Primrose Hill on January 20th.

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January Blues? - not in Wiltshire.

Not here, because I'm off skiing for the first time in several years on Sunday, but there's lots to do before then. Since the New Year the phone hasn't stopped ringing for HypnoBirthing couples, and it looks like I'll have to cut down a little on 1 to 1 client work just to keep up with the HypnoBirthing demand!

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News of my new HypnoBirthing Grandchild!

I'm very excited about the progress of my second grandson Nicholas Peter Graves who was born to my daughter in law Trudy and my son Arthur on October 30th. I will be able to visit them again on Monday and see how the little darling is getting on after teaching the Teddington course on Sunday, and obviously looking forward to seeing how much he's grown in the week since I was him last.

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Pete, Rose & Orla Faye Byrne's birth

A lovely and really informative Hyponobirthing Story

This is the story about Rose and Peter's daughter Orla Faye being born after a HypnoBirthing course. It gives lots of really interesting information and is published in full on Rose's Blog. A really good account for anyone considering hypnobirthing!

Love, Katharine

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Worth Travelling For

Our HypnoBirthing course in Bath last weekend was an unusually long distance affair.

One couple had travelled from Brighton on the grounds that they commuted to London all week and didn't want to do it again at the weekend, and another came from Essex on the recommendation of a mother who had done the course with us last year.

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Steffi's HypnoBirthing account

Steffi's HypnoBirthing account: "Katharine, we wanted to send you a very special, huge thank you to you for everything you have done for us, taught us, and assisted us with. We would have never done it this way without your HypnoBirthing class. It gave us the confidence to go through the breech birth naturally, without any epidural (just a bit of gas and air), no tearing, no cutting, no stress for the baby. "

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