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Hypnobirthing App

You can now enjoy all your KGH resources on your phone and all your audio relaxations even when you are offline!  The best birthing app for all your needs.

Hypnobirthing Iphone and Android App

New to Hypnobirthing?

hypnobirthing appI recommend you start with our free resources area.  Here you will be able to access numerous resources including several free audios.  After you sign up for this you will be directed to link this to your phone so you can easily access these audios.

When you are ready to do more with KGHypnobirthing, we have many more audios that will link up with this hypnobirthing app.  You can find these audios in our shop here.

The Ultimate Birth Relaxation

Included with The Hypnobirthing Book is the The Ultimate Birth Relaxation consists of 5 tracks.  Listen to it through speakers as you go to sleep each night so you both get the benefit – and so does your baby.  It has a cumulative effect so the regularly you listen the more profound is the effect.  Then you will get the full benefit when you play it in the background as you give birth – because of the daily practice you did.  Simply switch on the audio, turn our the light, and go to sleep as it plays.  You may find you’ve never had a better night’s sleep.

You will love the Building Confidence & Releasing Fear Relaxations. This audio does that.  Use it whenever you hear something negative that makes you wonder about giving birth.  Use it too as your daily practice after about week 40 when the system begins to heap stress on you.  It is a great tool to give you a positive mindset as you go into labout.

The Complete Antenatal Collection and More Pregnancy Relaxations can be used as your daily practice to help you develop a positive mindset about birth.  This daily practice is very important to achieve a positive birth experience.

I don’t expect you need the Relax & Conceive Relaxation as you’re likely to be already pregnant if you’re looking at this site.  But there is good evidence that hypnotherapy can help a woman conceive even without IVF; a great deal more gentle and profound – and cheaper.  It can also help to make IVF more effective. Listen to it every night as you go to sleep.

After you have given birth to your baby your life changes and it can feel lonely.  The Complete Postnatal Collection is there to support you.  Do remember it, and use it at this time when you could do with the extra support.

How to use the app

Our KG Hypnobirthing audios are best listened to daily.  Set aside 15 minutes during the to relax and listen to the audios.  Listening to them as you go to sleep is a good idea.

The audios are a convenient and accessible way for you to enjoy your hypnobirthing practise. By listening to them regularly during pregnancy, you will be more familiar with the techniques and better able to use them effectively during your baby’s birth.

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