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Internet Marketing Course for KG Teachers

As part of our professional development programme for KG Hypnobirthing teachers we provide a variety of training courses.  We recently ran an internet marketing course, to help with the vital task of reaching potential customers - your local parents to be.

In the modern business environment there are few things more important for attracting clients than a professional and well executed web marketing strategy, but for those starting in business as a self employed hypnobirthing teacher, there is usually little option but to do much of this work for yourself.

The course was delivered by the team who have created the web sites and marketing for KG Hypnobirthing, and The Hypnobirthing Centre before that, so you know they really understand the needs of a Hypnobirthing teacher as well.

Is cost cutting forcing women to beg for a caesarean in hospitals?

Recent press articles have highlighted issues with NHS policies regarding caesarean births.  

Highlighted in the BBC is a warning by the coronor that there is 'a risk of future deaths if the NHS favours vaginal delivery over Caesarean sections on the basis of cost.'  The full article is available here.

The Daily Mail talks about ‘NHS policing pregnancies to put women off caesareans.’  The full article is available here.

In 2011 NICE guidelines stated that all women can have a caesarean.  This was controversial with many criticising some mothers for being 'too posh to push.'

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Midwives from Royal Albert Edward Infirmary NHS talk about embracing Hypnobirthing

We were very happy to hear about the progress of hypobirthing at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan.  They have a launch event upcoming and we wish them great success in using hypnobirthing in their hospital. 

Below is an interview with two of their midwives, Lesley Price and Karen Colquitt, talking to Wish FM News about their uptake of KG hypnobirthing.  They are embarking on a comprehensive program with eleven trained midwives.

Here they discuss the benefits:

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KG Hypnobirthing Proud to Support the Doula UK Conference

KG Hypnobirthing is very proud to be supporting the Doula UK Conference being held on 19th March in London. This precedes World Doula Week which commences on the 22nd March.

Any birth professional, from doulas to midwives, hypnobirthing and antenatal teachers, health visitors and other persons who support women in the perinatal period would find this event a true learning experience.

They have a fascinating line up of talkers and workshops including talks from:

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Breast Feeding Report from The Lancet

The first of a series of two reports published by The Lancet has revealed the extent that breast feeding could benefit mothers, babies and the global economy.

Around the world breast feeding rates vary dramatically, significantly, higher-income countries having much lower rates. One of the lowest levels being in the UK where at 12 months less than 1% of infants are breastfed.

Modelling conducted details how substantial some of these benefits could be. Putting some significant figures in the report, including that scaling up breast feeding to almost universal level could:

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Singer/Songwriter Sandi Thom Chooses KG Hypnobirthing

It was a privilege to recently teach KG Hypnobirthing to Sandi Thom and her husband Matt Benson. Sandi, a singer/song writer from Scotland is expecting her first child soon and is relishing this opportunity to learn about Hypnobirthing.

Sandi and Matt’s baby will have heard lots of singing during the pregnancy, I am sure these songs will be very soothing for baby when they arrive in this world.

Sandi’s new single, ‘Earthquake’ can be downloaded or streamed from here.

Tom and Giovanni Fletcher Enjoy Hypnobirthing

Lovely to have an alert arrive in my inbox this morning with a picture of The Hypnobirthing Book being shared on Instagram by Tom Fletcher with some lovely positive comments.  Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna enjoyed a Hypnobirth with their first child and planning a second hypnobirth.  Good luck to them both and thank you for taking the time to share their story and help spread the word about how wonderful hypnobirthing is.

View their latest blog in Hello Magazine here .  

Hypnobirthing Teacher Training Course in Dubai

I have recently returned from a wonderful trip teaching KG Hypnobirthing to a group in Dubai.  A fascinating city and as always I felt honoured to teach such a lovely group.  Sharing insights into different challenges that varied cultures experience during childbirth can be very educational for us all.  The demand for Hypnobirthing keeps growing and growing and we are happy to keep helping spread the word.    


KG Hypnobirthing at the RCM Conference

KG Hypnobirthing are delighted to be at the RCM conference, It is a wonderful opportunity to meet with new and established midwives and to have a friendly chat about KG Hypnobirthing.

Birth and the Future of Homo Sapiens - A Talk From Michel Odent

A report by Deborah Hughes on the KG Hypnobirthing Sharing Day. 

Katharine Michel9 sm1st March 2014, King's College London.

Michel Odent has been a visionary and inspiration for birth workers and parents for over 35 years now and, now in his 80s, he still has the ability to bring key issues into sharp focus. His ongoing research into the “Primal Period” and subsequent health and well-being is of vital interest and importance, and his ability to speak to and engage an audience (strong French accent notwithstanding) is as strong as it was when he emerged as a public figure, thanks to the BBC, in the early 1980s. If you haven't yet read or heard Michel Odent, rectify that as soon as you can for he is able to explain complex issues clearly and succinctly and his enthusiasm for his subject is infectious.

The KG Hypnobirthing Sharing Day consisted of Michel outlining some of his key concerns, particularly the rapid diminution in oxytocin release over the last 40 years and the possible epigenetic consequences of this phenomenon. Not only does the use of synthetic oxytocin, Caesarean section and actively managed third stages mean that the hormone of love is reduced perinatally, but he suggests that the reduction in the birth rate and the shortened duration of breastfeeding mean that our oxytocin system is under-used and may be weakening with consequences for humankind. Michel also discussed the changing bacteriological environment of birth and its possible long-term effects. He made a plea for us all to protect the involuntary process of birth from inhibitory factors, and outlined the importance of the suppression of neocortical activity during labour.

The day consisted of Michel talking for most of the morning but then addressing the audience's questions in depth through the afternoon. The audience comprised hypnobirthing teachers, student midwives, doulas, some parents-to-be, and a few midwives. It as a shame that not many midwives and no doctors attended as the day was excellent value and really got to the heart of what is important about birth and the responsibility attendant on working in the field. Oxytocin is beginning to receive some attention even in conservative obstetric and midwifery circles. The radical impact of what understanding its role and nature means for birth practices has however, as yet, barely been perceived. Michel Odent's message is that the physiology of birth has far-reaching implications for us all, which we ignore at our peril.

AIMS - Helping Improve Maternity Services

AIMS is a wonderful organisation. Everyone in this country has cause to be grateful to AIMS although they may not know it. AIMS is a charity that has worked tirelessly for over 50 years to improve conditions for women and babies. AIMS lobbied for fathers to be present at the birth. AIMS lobbied to have birthing pools in all birth centres.


AIMS was founded by Sally Willington as a result of the rigid and uncaring treatment she received when giving birth to her baby in hospital. Her letter to the national press received an overwhelming and heartfelt response from other women who had suffered the same treatment and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Pregnant Women was formed. In 1960 the name was changed to The Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services which focussed originally on lobbying for more humane treatment for women giving birth in hospital. Subsequent research has shown, of course, that home is the safest place for most women to give birth, so now AIMS lobbies for choice of place of birth too.

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