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Ella’s Empowering Birth

Congratulating Ella (@DeliciouslyElla) and Matt Mills on the birth of their daughter, Skye, on Saturday, I feel absolute delight when I hear about a birth like this thanks to our teaching. The empowering birth which Ella experienced didn’t just happen – it was the result of the rational choices she made.  She chose to do a KGHypnobirthing class and she and Matt put in the daily practice needed to help her have a calm and confident mindset.  Her husband Matt attended the KGHypnobirthing course too, so he was fully prepared to support Ella in her choices.  Having expert support from those around her meant that she could focus on listening to her body and birthing baby Skye gently and normally.

The KGHypnobirthing course is profound and parents-to-be often remark that there is far more to it than they had expected.  They finish up with a comprehensive knowledge of birth, techniques that make a practical difference to how the body works in labour, and information on how to navigate the system they find themselves in with an enquiring mind.  Knowing that you have choices based on reason, evidence and research, and the practical means of applying this knowledge is the real essence of KGHypnobirthing.

It is when I hear about births like Ella’s and her pure joy at experiencing such a ‘surreal, extraordinary moment’ that I am overjoyed at another positive birth.  I and all the wonderful KGHypnobirthing teachers understand the privilege of teaching KGHypnobirthing, and I am glad to be an inspiration and a source of wisdom.  We are all here to provide you with the tools to an empowering birth.

Katharine runs monthly parent classes at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, we have KGHypnobirthing teachers all over the UK and internationally or if you can’t make a face-to-face course, there’s always the KGHypnobirthing parents’ online course.

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Almost 24 hours of total bliss ? Haven’t slept for a second but never ever been happier ❤️

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It’s really hard to put our birth experience into words. I hadn’t considered a home-birth before, it wasn’t something I really knew you could do. A friend sent me Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth when we got pregnant, which first got me thinking about it, we then heard so many phenomenally powerful experiences from you guys before meeting @kghypnobirthing and our independent midwife, who helped us understand a little more about hypnobirthing, water births and home-births and it just felt so right for us. I’d heard so many horror stories and had a lot of fear around the process, so I was really interested in exploring something a bit different if I could. It goes without saying that there’s no right or wrong way to bring a child into this world, all that matters is that they come into it safely, and we feel so lucky to have had a healthy pregnancy and been able to chose what we wanted to do. It was incredible though. The birth was intense, it’s certainly a physical experience, and I’ve never felt more powerful. I had a sense that she was coming on Friday and woke up to my waters breaking early on Saturday morning. We pottered around at home for a few hours, went to the farmers market, made breakfast, watched Notting Hill and then as it started to pick up we put our fave calming music on, lit candles, closed the curtains and filled the birth pool. About five hours later she shot into the world like a rocket, came out the water straight on to my chest where she fed for about an hour and a half while we waited for the placenta and our midwife checked we were both ok. I went totally into my own space during the birth, focusing on every sensation and visualising what was happening during it, thinking of each one as a wave. It’s a whole other level of surrendering and trusting your body totally, and we spent months focusing on letting go of fear, learning everything we could about birth, so that we felt as educated and informed about every step of the process and every decision along the way. Our doula took this and I saw it for the first time this morning, it says everything about that moment perfectly. It wasn’t easy but it was so powerful ❤️

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