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Katharine Talks to Dan Wootton on TalkRadio About Older Mothers

Older Mothers - Should They Be Labelled High Risk?

Older mothers are often told they will be induced at 39 weeks as they are classed as ‘high risk’. As a result, their treatment tends to be different, interventions are often used sooner, and this negative bias can have a the knock-on effects on their birth outcomes.

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Russell Brand Podcast Interview with Katharine Graves

It was a great pleasure to be invited recently by Russell Brand to be interviewed for his ‘Under the Skin’ podcast.

Russell and his wife Laura have two delightful children both born using Hypnobirthing, so Russell was already well informed about how well it works.

We covered a wide number of topics, including feminine empowerment, the medicalization of birth and the recent negative press received by Harry Kane after he publicly tweeted his congratulations to his wife after they had used Hypnobirthing.

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The unseen damage done by Meghan's Twitter trolls

How all women can protect themselves from this shameful behaviour

There has been a great deal of publicity in the last couple of days about the Duchess of Sussex stroking her bump. The trolls on social media have been out in full force with posts which are seething with negative sentiment. A negative state of mind is harmful to mother and baby, which really concerns me. It is very important for a pregnant woman to surround herself with positivity.

One critic decided to take a pot-shot at Meghan cradling the bump as though she was just showing off her pregnancy, missing the point entirely.

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No Pain Relief Hypnobirthing: The Guardian's View

A number of articles have appeared in the press following on from the backlash that Harry Kane received after praising his partner Katie Goodland after her 'no pain relief hypnobirth'.

After talking to Katharine Graves about Hypnobirthing, The Guardian published a comprehensive article.

Katharine's comments include; "This is the biggest revolution in birthing in history......It still has connotations of tree-hugging hippies but people are beginning to realise there is another way.  Our country is one of the most advanced in the world in this area, but we still have a way to go."  

The full article can be read here.


Why are naysayers shaming Harry Kane for being proud of his partner Katie's hypnobirth?

Harry Kane just shared a joyous moment with the world after the birth of his daughter.   The twitter storm that followed has been both shocking and upsetting.

It has put hypnobirthing at the centre of this storm, with detractors misinterpreting what it is, and how it helps women.

It also puts women and their birth experience at the centre of this storm.  This chatter can have some far reaching knock-on effects that can be very negative to a women's birth experience.

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