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A Hugely Successful Event with Sarah Buckley

Thank you to everyone who attended our study day with Sarah Buckley! We were very pleased with the attendance from some excellent groups

Thank you to everyone who attended our study day with Sarah Buckley! We were very pleased with the attendance from some excellent groups and the fascinating conversations that bubbled from the talk.

Our study day at London was the final date on Sarah’s international tour. It has led her all over Europe, talking to birth practitioners about her experiences as a doctor and a mother and how that shaped her attitudes to birth. Looking at the differences between hospital and home care, as well as her own emotions towards her first pregnancy, Sarah soon became fascinated with the options available to many women, especially those they may not immediately be aware of. Today she is an advocate for “undisturbing” birth and has released books on the subject to give expectant families appropriate information regarding choices available to them.

Sarah’s talk dealt with her concerns that birth is becoming more medicalised and intensely monitored. With so many opportunities for women to feel uncertain about their body’s ability and their own comprehension of birth, this has led to a widespread disempowerment of parents with regards to the most important event of their child’s life. Sarah brought up advice that can offer support for families, which we anticipate being put to good use by those who attended. Combatting the current nocebo effect (the opposite of the placebo effect) is critically important for mothers and is one of the overarching goals for Hypnobirthing – The KG Method

We were also pleased to see representatives of independent midwives, who are still working towards a practical solution to changes in their insurance that go into effect this month. As always, The Hypnobirthing Centre stands with independent midwives and the amazing services they offer. We’re optimistic that a solution may be forthcoming soon and hope to update our readers as soon as we can.

If you were unable to attend our Sarah Buckley talk and would like to learn more then there will be plenty of information going up soon on the website. We’ll be putting up a video taken on the day as soon as possible, including an interview between Katharine and Sarah. For now we have a lovely selection of photos taken on the day, with the complete album available on our Facebook page.

We are absolutely delighted that Michel Odent will be the speaker at our next Study Day on 1st March 2014.

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