A Well Lived Life: Amazing 67 Hour HypnoBirth Story

Hello everyone,

For this post I have found a nice HypnoBirthing story posted by Carol Yeh-Garner from San Diego in the US, on her “Well Lived Life” blog. Please read and enjoy this post – yet another great story about HypnoBirthing.

Of course I particularly liked the bit at the end where the mother said:

“It was really amazing. HypnoBirthing was awesome! I still had lingering doubts that it would work beforehand & I have a lot a practice using meditation for other things, but it turned out to be a great experience. He’s a really mellow baby & he’s so alert. I wouldn’t have been able to have a 67 hour birth without HypnoBirthing.” She said the midwives were very impressed & said they’ve never seen a woman talking through the transition stage. One midwife said “I’ve never seen anything like that…smiling & talking while you were pushing!”.

Here is a link to the full story…….

A Well Lived Life: Amazing 67 Hour HypnoBirth Story: “Hi- I wanted to share a really amazing HypnoBirth story from one of my class participants:

Kristin & Will (July 2007 class) shared their birth story with me. I spoke to Kristin over the phone & took detailed notes.

Here is Oliver’s birth story:
Tuesday 11/6/07–Kristin’s mom arrived in town. She had been eagerly awaiting her arrival.

Wednesday in the middle of the night–felt surges start, tried to sleep

Wednesday day–all day the surges were about 4 minutes apart,”

Katharine Graves is the teacher at The HypnoBirthing Centre, where she runs HypnoBirthing Courses in London and Southern England for expectant couples.

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