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Enjoy Our Hypnobirthing CDs and MP3s

We have an updated range of hypnobirthing CDs and MP3s that are now available to be purchased individually or as part of a collection.

These latest CDs and MP3s feature a range of new improvements to make them easier to use. Each audio CD/ MP3 is still colour coded for ease of use and now they feature a very attractive design that comes with the hypnobirthing gold seal unique to The Hypnobirthing Centre. We’ve also improved the audio quality so it’s easier than ever to find that calm and confident state of mind. There are also tracks contained within each audio, allowing those listening to skip straight to the relaxation if they desire.

These new CD’s were first presented at our recent Sharing Day and were met with an enthusiastic response. We’re happy to make them available in the online shop to couples and teachers for the first time and anticipate an equally enthusiastic welcome.


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