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How Marcie missed the second day of her HypnoBirthing Course….

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share this lovely birthing story from Marcie and Mike, who missed the second day of their hypnobirthing course – because they’d already given birth! Luckily even one day appeared to be enough to give them great help with the process – please enjoy Marcie’s story.

“Dearest Katharine.

We hope you’re well. We’re so sorry we missed our second hypno-birthing session on Saturday – but you could say i was putting what we’d learned the previous week into practice!!

My waters broke on Saturday morning at 2.30 am and so, as you were teaching more hypno birthing we were delivering our new son, Blake Nathaniel Evans!!

I have to say, and from the bottom of my heart, that even just the one session of hypno birthing and listening to the CD in the week before, helped immensely.

We went to the hospital after the waters broke as surges had not began and they sent us home. I went into my “hypno zone” as Mike calls it, breathing, being in touch with my body and letting it do what it knows how to do and just helping it along. 4 hours later when we were back in the hospital, the midwife couldn’t believe that i was fully dilated and ready to push!

Blake was born and on the breast just over 9 hours after my waters broke. No pain relief apart from a tens machine in early labour. Not even gas and air!! (apart from for the few small stitches i needed)!

So, we wanted to say thank you. What an amazing, lucid experience!

Sorry we missed the second workshop!


Marcie, Mike and Blake.”

Katharine Graves is the teacher at The HypnoBirthing Centre, where she runs HypnoBirthing Courses in London and Southern England for expectant couples.

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