Hypnobirthing Lunch with Kitty O’Connors

Katharine was invited to an informal lunch with the founders of Kitty O’Connors, as well as their name sake, Kitty herself.

Lunch with the Hypnobirthing Team

Katharine was invited to an informal lunch with the founders of Kitty O’Connors, as well as their name sake, Kitty herself. Whilst Kitty O’Connors has just begun their own hypnobirthing classes, using Katharine’s method of teaching, this wasn’t about business so much as a chance to get to know those involved. This partnership means that there are even more places around the UK where parents can discover Katharine Graves method of hypnobirthing and we couldn’t be happier. 

 Generations of Positive Pregnancies 

Kitty O’Connors (the person) is a grandmother to 19 and great grandmother to 11 beautiful children, making her a living expert on “the calm and fearless approach to giving birth”. Her granddaughter Sabrina was so inspired that when she set up her own business for complimentary classes relating to pregnancy and birth she felt there was only one name that would fit! This family-run business focuses on how positive birth can be, which is why they were such a perfect fit for hypnobirthing. 

Today, Kitty O’Connors offers yoga classes, an informal supper club and hypnobirthing classes. The two instructors – Lucy Shutes and Zara de Candole – were taught by Katherine herself and it was with great pleasure that she accepted an invitation to the informal lunch. Held at a pub outside of Gildford, this was a chance to discuss the birth experience, complementary therapies and hypnobirthing itself. Katharine met with Kitty, Sabrina, Lucy and Zara, as well as Sabrina’s young son. The lunch was a welcome chance for the “hypnobirthing team” to get to know one another and demonstrates the reach that hypnobirthing is enjoying. As more partnerships such as this are created, even more women across the UK are discovering the power and confidence they have to give birth. 

The new hypnobirthing classes through Kitty O’Connors have already begun. Courses are run once a month, rotating between Farnham, Haslmere and Guildford and Godalming and it includes a really fantastic catered lunch. More details will follow soon.


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