January Blues? – not in Wiltshire.

Not here, because I’m off skiing for the first time in several years on Sunday, but there’s lots to do before then. Since the New Year the phone hasn’t stopped ringing for HypnoBirthing couples, and it looks like I’ll have to cut down a little on 1 to 1 client work just to keep up with the HypnoBirthing demand!

I did do a nice course yesterday however – it was a one-off evening workshop for a lovely couple in Bath yesterday who had done HynoBirthing for their first birth 18 months ago, but then found themselves on the induction conveyor belt so had been unable to have the natural birth they had planned. They wanted a specially designed refresher course so that their second baby can have a calm and natural birth in February.

Then I did Part 1 of an HynoBirthing course at my home this evening because the couple will be away for the first day of the course at the end of the month so I laid on a Part 1 especially for them so that they wouldn’t miss out.

I’m planning the summer programme and on into the autumn and waiting for the venues to come back to me with approval of the suggested dates, so we’ll put them on the web site as soon as they start coming through. There have also been lots of new bookings and courses filling up fast now that Christmas is over and mothers are enquiring who will be having their babies as far ahead as May and June, so things are looking good for 2008 so far.

On the home front I’m trying to get ready to go skiing (did I mention that!), spent a whole day moving furniture so the house could be tidier, had lunch with Alice in Stroud today too. I’m going to Qigong in Bath tomorrow, a workshop on Saturday and is flying out early Sunday. I’ll let you know how the skiing went when I get back – I’ll see if I can get any photos!

Katharine Graves is the teacher at The HypnoBirthing Centre, where she runs HypnoBirthing Courses in London and Southern England for expectant couples.

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