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Midwives from Royal Albert Edward Infirmary NHS talk about embracing Hypnobirthing

We were very happy to hear about the progress of hypobirthing at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan.  They have a launch event upcoming and we wish them great success in using hypnobirthing in their hospital. 

Below is an interview with two of their midwives, Lesley Price and Karen Colquitt, talking to Wish FM News about their uptake of KG hypnobirthing.  They are embarking on a comprehensive program with eleven trained midwives.

Here they discuss the benefits:

‘Hypnobirthing has been recommended since the 1950’s by the British Medical Association….and it is helping women relax in labour.  It helps facilitate a better labour and a better birth. Following the birth of the baby women are saying they feel more in control and relaxed.’

‘The research is that hypnosis reduces the need for pharmaceutical pain relief including epidural and reduces the requirement for drugs to induce labour, increases the incidence of spontaneous normal births and women are reported a greater maternal satisfaction with pain management.’

More details on the clip below:

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