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Sticking to your guns to achieve a beautiful HypnoBirthing child-birth

Hello again,

I wanted to reproduce this story in full, as its something quite remarkable and very inspiring for those of us that believe strongly in the benefits of natural child-birth, for both baby and mother. Liz did a HypnoBirthing course with me a few months ago, and ended up walking into a hospital situation she wasn’t happy with. However she had the courage and conviction to take things into her own hands and achieve a healthy natural birth on her own terms.

Here is Liz’s remarkable HypnoBirthing story…

“Being told that your waters have broken and that you are putting your baby’s life at risk by not following professional advice is hard to hear. The strange thing is, a woman’s intuition is much stronger than a doctor trying to take control and do what they think is best.

Trying to explain to them, however, that you know that your baby is fine and well is another matter. After giving mixed reports of whether my waters had gone or not I was sent to Bath hospital to discover the truth. I was examined after 3 hours of being on a machine, listening to Alfie’s heart and watching my surges be printed – no you are not in labour I was told – what is that then I thought?

Three days before I was 3 cms dialated – what is labour then? I don’t think they believed me as I was so calm and in minimal pain. They examined me and explained that yes my waters had gone and then the flurry of information – disease, infection, responsibility, harm, care – words thrust thoughtlessly into the air – as if I was for one minute going to put Alfie’s life at risk? I knew that he was fine and would continue to be fine if I kept my nerve. I asked to see the delivery room above screams next door that sounded as if someone was being murdered and doctors running up and down the corridor asking for emergency blood supplies. I looked at the room – cold, medical and unfriendly. I would not be allowed the bath as I would be connected to electricity – that is dangerous you see? Do I look stupid? The possibility of induction scared me senseless. I asked if the drip could be removed after ‘getting going’ and was informed no as I would just stop again.

After feeling near to despair I asked for my notes and said that I would be back at 7 if necessary. The midwife rolled her eyes and sighed as if I was such a pain in the arse. An hour wouldn’t make any difference – I would love to see her to explain that my baby was born at 7 on the dot!

I walked out with a sense of fear – not for giving birth but that someone could try and control me. I rang Liz for advice and was told to pray – excellent advice. I rang my homeopath and was told what remedies to take. I picked up my mum from the station, who just so happened to be in Bath and within 10 minutes was having surges every 3 minutes. We went home and ate Spaghetti Bolognaise amidst my mum saying every 5 minutes ‘anyone for a cup of tea?’ My husband could see that things were getting closer and suggested we take the trip to Paulton. Upon arrival I was so calm that the midwife waited to examine me – she was used to my false starts! The look on her face when she discovered that I was 8-9 cm dilated was a picture.

Within 3 1/2 hours Alfie was born calmly into the world feeling no stress and not crying at all. The experience was magical and beautiful. I will never forget those first precious moments when Alfie was looking around the room wondering about life outside the womb and who his parents were. My whole family came into the delivery room to welcome him too.

Alfred Tom on his first day

I have had flashbacks to the time I spent in Bath and it still upsets me greatly that they said what they did. If I hadn’t been strong enough to follow my intuition, our story would have been a completely different one and I don’t think Alfie would be the peaceful baby that he is. The HypnoBirthing course helped me to believe in myself and follow my intuition – it has been amazing and the best £270 we have ever spent!

If you know in your heart that you are right, without a doubt, then stick to your guns, so that more babies are born peacefully and calmly, with a mother’s love and intuition, not technology and fear.

Thanks again and lots of love to you

Liz, Jim and Alfred

Katharine Graves is the teacher at The HypnoBirthing Centre, where she runs HypnoBirthing Courses in London and Southern England for expectant couples.

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