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Surge in Hypnobirthing Popularity Amongst Mothers-to-be Leads to Teacher Shortage

Since 2008, hypnobirthing has seen a 75% growth* in interest in the United Kingdom from expectant mothers choosing a natural childbirth

This is great news for supporters of natural childbirth, but Katharine Graves, one of the UK’s early advocates of Hypnobirthing and its leading Teacher Trainer, is worried that demand will outstrip supply.

“My concern is that mothers-to-be may not be able to give birth the way they wish because they can’t find a skilled teacher nearby to show them how to use hypnosis in childbirth effectively,” says Katharine.

“I would love to help every one of them, but it’s simply not possible to respond to this level of demand. When I first began teaching Hypnobirthing nearly 10 years ago, it was very much centred in the South East, which is where most teachers can be found.  But as it has become better known and understood, interest is now spreading throughout the country, and with it, a demand for qualified teachers – which I am of course thrilled about.”

To support this increase in demand for Hypnobirthing teachers, Katharine is therefore delighted to announce her first Hypnobirthing Teacher Training Course in Macclesfield in September. “I found that as well as expectant mothers seeking me out, mothers who had used Hypnobirthing successfully themselves wanted to learn how to teach it to others,” she told me.  “I was also being contacted by midwives and experts in natural childbirth keen to learn about Hypnobirthing – often in response to expectant mothers who had read about it and wanted to know more. I decided the time was right to bring my classes north.”

Katharine has been overwhelmed with the huge demand for her first course outside London, and with places booking up fast she is anticipating running further courses in the north and into Scotland as well. “It’s wonderful to witness this surge in interest in Hypnobirthing – even the NHS is beginning to recognise it as a part of natural childbirth – and with so many more practitioners coming through, I hope they will soon be able to satisfy even more expectant mums!”

Relatively unheard of even 5 years ago, Hypnobirthing uses awareness of the process of childbirth and relaxation techniques to allow mothers to give birth more comfortably, calmly and confidently. 

*Based on Google search statistics. Searches for ‘hypnobirthing’ have risen 75% since 2008.

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