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The HypnoBirthing Centre

This is a blog about the HypnoBirthing Centre, a place where Katharine Graves teaches HypnoBirthing to mothers and new parents, to help them go through child birth more easily, more in control of their own process, more naturally, and with better management of pain during the process.

We’ll post a few stories here about Katharie and her work, as well as some feedback from some of the couples who complete the courses.

The HypnoBirthing Centre is not strictly a place, as it happens to be wherever Katharine is running her HypnoBirthing Courses at any one time. At present her courses are being held at: Central London in Covent Garden, North West London (Primrose Hill), Teddington (Middlesex), very near Kingston Bridge, Bath, near Bristol, Salisbury, and from her home in Wiltshire, between Marlborough, Hungerford and Andover.

The HypnoBirthing centre can also being courses to your home. They cost a little more but the convenience of having Katharine teach you the process at your own place is naturally very pleasant.

Katharine Graves is a qualified hypnotherapy practitioner, doula, and mother of four, so this really is a specialist subject for her! Please enjoy our blog, feel free to post comments, and do get in touch if you have any questions or would like to find out more about a course.

Katharine Graves is the teacher at The HypnoBirthing Centre, where she runs HypnoBirthing Courses in London and Southern England for expectant couples.

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