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Uk And EU Rule That Hypnobirthing Cannot Be Trademarked

The situation as far as intellectual property in the word ‘hypnobirthing’ is that it can be used freely anywhere in the world in any format EXCEPT in the USA only the right to use the word in the format HypnoBirthing (upper case H and B) belongs to Marie Mongan so no-one else can use it in that format in the USA.

Full details below.

Great News for Hypnobirthing Teachers, Mothers and Babies!

It has been established by the UK Intellectual Property Office on absolute grounds that the word ‘hypnobirthing’ cannot be trademarked in this country and we can all use it freely. Now we are confident that Hypnobirthing can grow and prosper to the benefit of mothers and babies. Even better! The trademark authorities in the EU which covers all 27 states of Europe have also decided on final ground that ‘hypnobirthing’ cannot be trademarked, though there is still one minor point to be decided.

Unfortunately a false impression has been created and concern caused by a circular that was sent round claiming that the word has been registered in the EU.

The following will reassure you that this is not the case: You may also be interested to know that the word can be used freely in Canada because four separate applications to Trademark the word there were abandoned, presumably on the advise that they would be rejected.

eu trademark finding

It is also freely available for use in the USA except in the form with a captial H and a capital B.

A phone call with the PTO (American Patent Office) at 2:20 GMT on 19th December confirmed that the word hypnobirthing can be freely used by anyone in the USA provided the capital ‘B’ is not used in the middle and the ‘R’ symbol is not applied.

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