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What is Rebozo?

Rebozo technique on a KG Hypnobirthing Course

Part of our parents KG Hypnobirthing course covers the Rebozo technique.  If you are unfamiliar with it, this is a brief overview.

Rebozo started in Mexico when women used their long shawls, rebozo, to wrap around themselves during labour which supported the weight of the baby and achieved a gentle massage. It can also help a partner to relieve the mother of the weight she is carrying and help her to be in a position that facilitates labour and birth.

This technique has now been developed and is becoming more and more well known. With the woman on her hands and knees, the rebozo is wrapped around her abdomen and takes the weight of the baby, relieving the mother’s body of this stress and relaxing tight ligaments. It is then gently rocked from side to side, giving comfort and relief to the woman. Equally, if she is experiencing discomfort in her back , the Rebozo can be wrapped over her back and massaged from side to side in the same way as it would be on her front.

In more advanced techniques, the rebozo can be used to encourage a back-to-back baby to turn, or a breech baby to move to a cephalic presentation. This is not so much a technique to encourage the baby to turn, but more a way of gently relieving the pressure of the baby which holds it into the pelvis, so this additional freedom of movement means that it is easier for the baby to move into a different position.

There are many classes where you can learn rebozo, and simple techniques to relieve discomfort are included in the KG Hypnobirthing Teacher Training Course.

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