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Frequently Asked Questions: When Should I Start Hypnobirthing?

If you’ve discovered Hypnobirthing then you could be at any stage of your pregnancy or you might even been anticipating getting pregnant.

Many future parents arrive at Hypnobirthing having consumed a very large amount of information on the internet and with their heads quite possibly buzzing with everything they’re trying to take in. Add to that the fact that you’re far more likely to find articles on what can go wrong with a pregnancy than anything else and this can create a level of anxiety. Hypnobirthing aims to combat that and the positive effects can be felt immediately, meaning there’s no wrong time to start.

It’s Never too Early to Start Hypnobirthing!

Many expectant mothers are particularly interested in how to manage the birthing experience itself, which is something that Hypnobirthing can offer. However, the approaches we use work at their best when practised until they becomes second nature. This is why I advise that it’s never too early to take up Hypnobirthing. Controlling stress and promoting confidence in your body is something that takes time and no small amount of self-confidence to develop, both for you and your partner. And the positive results for the approaches aren’t just restricted to the birthing experience itself but can help make the entirety of the pregnancy a far more calm experience. Focusing on positives and trusting in your body to know what it’s doing is especially relevant for today’s expectant mothers who can go online finding informative – if unhelpful – articles detailing complications than can arise. 

Developing Faith in Your Body and Your Ability During Pregnancy

Because Hypnobirthing is about empowering women to have faith in what is a perfectly natural (and rather necessary) part of life, it’s never too late to pick it up either! Just like anything else, the techniques taught through Hypnobirthing becomes easier the more you practise and even if you’re later into your pregnancy that doesn’t mean that the approach won’t be effective. If you’re finding yourself growing anxious about your birth then these techniques can help, no matter what stage of pregnancy you’re at, especially if you have a birthing partner to work with you both before and during the birth. Just have a look at the wonderful testimonials from mothers at all stages of their pregnancies and the way Hypnobirthing improved their experience.

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