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HypnoBirthing Teacher Training in Fulham

We had a wonderful HypnoBirthing teacher training course in Fulham which included walks by the river & lunches near Putney Station.

Everybody loved the Hypnotherapy for Hypnobirthing course and all his anecdotes. Many trained hypnotherapists have commented how much more they have learnt on his course.

The Hypnobirthing Workshop is a very full couple of days as it has so much content. People coming from different backgrounds have so much to offer, and we share a common passion for supporting mothers to achieve the best birth for them and for their babies.

The Birthing Foundation module looks at the anatomy and physiology of birth, and also current practice in the medical model we have in this country. This is in addition to how to use Hypnobirthing in this current environment. Although we have a long way to go, we are far ahead of most other countries in the world in terms of natural birth, largely because we have a strong, autonomous midwifery profession.

Hypnobirthing has caused a revolution in birth practice in the last ten years, and we are continuing to move forward strongly into the future.

We have plenty of resources available on the website if you’re interested in learning about Teacher Training in HypnoBirthing. . 

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