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IVF and Fertility Hypnosis

An evening with Lord Robert Winston

Last week I spent an enjoyable evening listening to Lord Robert Winston speak at Marlborough College.  It was interesting to hear about his role in setting up the IVF service at Hammersmith Hospital in the 1980s and his work on fertility around the world, as well as his more recent appearances in the media.

Ahead of the lecture, I decided to take another look at the current research and found some insightful articles about the role of hypnosis in improving outcomes for IVF.  We have saved them in our Hypnobirthing library for reference which can be found here.

The research I found is overwhelmingly positive about the impact of hypnosis on the success of IVF.  More details of the research are highlighted below:

  • Fertility Evidence:  A look at a variety of studies including one study showing Hypnosis increases chance of Natural Conception by 110%.  Read more here.
  • Hypno Fertility:  With a claim that IVF has a 53.1% success rate with hypnosis, whereas 30.2% without.  Read more here.
  • Hypnosis Double IVF Success:  Researchers claim that success rates are doubled for IVF after hypnosis.  Read more here.
  • Hypnosis for Fertility Research:  An overview into some fascinating studies into this area of research. Read more here.
  • Hypnosis to help Fertility and IVF:  The impact of stress on fertility and how this can be helped with hypnosis.  Read more here.


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