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World Hypnobirthing Day – The First Trimester

As I look back at how hypnobirthing has grown over the past decade or so, it’s rather like the three trimesters in pregnancy – waiting for the big event, the culmination of a vast amount of work, growing a baby or for me, KGHypnobirthing. Of course, it doesn’t happen all at once, but in stages.

Informative & Interactive Hypnobirthing Content

In the build up to World Hypnobirthing Day we are going to share some fabulous and interactive content for all mums-to-be to support them on their journey. Our first article is all about the initial stages, The First Trimester of Pregnancy.  

There is wondrous activity during the first trimester between embryogenesis and the 12-week scan when you are likely to see an image of your baby for the first time.  Looking after yourself is critical – taking folates and staying gently active whilst eating a balanced diet to support the formation of your baby’s body and the placenta, whilst stabilising yourself if you are feeling or being sick. Listen to your body – you will know what you need. You will see your doctor or a midwife for an initial appointment and may start pregnancy exercise classes. It is at this time that you will be researching your pregnancy options and you may be asking ‘what is hypnobirthing?’, ‘where can I give birth?’ as well as so many other questions.

Hypnobirthing Resources

The majority of women read books, talk to their family and friends and research on the internet. There are so many resources available, but it is important to ensure you find the ones that suit you, ones that will fill you with confidence, release any fear and ensure you understand what your choices are and the consequences of your choices.

We recommend a Hypnobirthing book as one of your essential readings! You can download the first chapter my own book, The Hypnobirthing Book, from this link here. This will give you a taster of how it all works.

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